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Smart Delivery

Take your Delivery game to the Next Level

  • Connects to any E-Commerce Platform in minutes. Its Plug and Play.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of your deliveries.
  • Smart Delivery Chooses the best delivery partner automatically. We have AI you know.
  • Track parcels from a singular platform. Yup we have them all mapped.
  • All Key Documents (Print Slips, Load sheets) in one place. --- Doesn’t that sound convenient.
  • Brings down your return percentage boosting your profits. More Money Less Problems.
Smart Settlements

Get your COD
Settlement Instantly on Dispatch.

  • Up to 90% Settled as soon as the order is dispatched. Instant Ka-Ching
  • Smartlane Integrated Wallet allows you to transfer money as well as keep an eye on your balance in real time. Easy, Efficient and Exciting.
  • Reconciliation is available at the click of a button. And it’s still the same portal.
Smart Finance

Get a Revenue Based
Finance Line in One Day

  • Want to take your business to the next level. Get the easiest Cash Advance of your life. Show that you have sales and Smartlane will advance you money for your business needs. You are the superhero, we are the trusted Side-kick.
  • Payback as you earn. Smartlane takes a small percentage of your daily revenue as payback to keep you stable and humming along. “Absolutely Not” to collection calls.
  • No long lines at the bank, No long-term commitment, no hidden charges and no collateral. It’s as easy as 2+2. Well it’s even easier than that


Features That Make Your Life Easier

  • grid

    Single Portal View

    All key information and control on a singular dashboard. Access Control, Load-sheets, Print slips and all Key Delivery and Finance Information on singular Dashboard.

  • wallet

    Integrated Wallet

    Merchants have complete control and visibility of their Smartlane Wallet. Ability to take funds out at the merch- ant’s convenience as well as a complete ledger to keep track of transactions.

  • revenue

    Revenue Based Financing

    Smartlane offers the ability to get a cash advance (with no extensive paper- work) for the Merchants business needs based on Average Revenue across channels.

  • play

    Plug & Play Solution

    Smartlane connects to Pakistan’s favorite ecommerce Platforms in a jiffy. And if you have any technology challenges we have tech support to help all our merchants.

  • COD

    Automatic COD Settlement

    Merchants will get up to 100% of their COD settled into their SmartLane Wallet as soon as the order is dispatched. This process is automated and will take place every time the order is dispatched.

  • shipping

    All couriers

    Smartlane connects the merchant on installation to the entire logistics network of the country without any paperwork, meetings or hassle.


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Smartlane Integrated Wallet allows you to transfer money as well as keep an eye on your balance in real time

  • Same City Flat Rate Rs: 110 per KG The rates are exclusive of 16% GST
  • Intercity City Flat Rate Rs: 150 per KG The rates are exclusive of 16% GST
  • Finance at 1%


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